#6 The Age Issue Part II

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As promised here comes part II of the double episode on aging and age. Daunting, as it might seem, here’s where we delve into the whole idea of actually BEING old and what we can do not just to prepare for this time but to look at whatever fears we might have around our own mortality. This episode is less about dealing with the loss of loved ones, to be sure, and a lot more about getting real smart about getting real old. The author I mention is Elisabeth K├╝bler Ross. Find her books here! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it for you.

#5 All the Single Ladies

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Single and not loving it. That was me. I have been single for parts of each decade of my life but somehow, in my forties, I couldn’t stand it and, even weirder to me, I was super-surprised to find myself here. I mean, how did I go from being married to single and dating again? Practically overnight, no less? Here are some of the ways we can begin to come to terms with being alone again, and actually love who this person is, this woman we might not have seen in a very long time..and boy is she glad to see us.

#4 The Age Issue

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In this episode we’ll tackle all the issues around aging and growing old(er). What are some of the ways we can take care and value ourselves at a time when we no longer have immediate youth on our side and our lives may not necessarily have turned out the way we thought they would (thank Goodness, I want to say!). What are some of our superpowers and what could our own personal legacy look like? This will be Part I of a double edition of Bitch, Breathe! on age, so stay tuned for Part II next week!

#3 Moms and Daughters

Listen to episode 3 of Bitch, Breathe! here. In this episode we get up close and personal to mom. Why does she always do that? Why do we always feel like we can never live up to her expectations? Why do we still try, even as adults? The mother-daughter relationship is a powerful one that, if we don’t find a way to heal or at least accept it as is, can hurt badly, and for a very long time. Find out some of the ways my mom and I, after 25 years of trying and failing, managed to build a loving and supportive relationship and how my mom finally became the mom I wanted and needed. By the way, the book I referred to was by Deborah Tannen: “You’re wearing that?” Find it at your local bookstore here.