#32 Post-lockdown anxiety

Listen to episode 32 here. The Sun is out, the sky is blue, the bars are open and so are…not you? With the reopening of restaurants, museums and stores in some (though by far not all!) countries around the world, people are facing a post-pandemic world but not necessarily feeling post-pandemically ecstatic about it. For […]

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#30 Raising a boy part 2

Listen to episode 30 here. So, in part one we talked about the social aspect of raising our boys. Now we get down and dirty with the political, societal fallout of raising male-identiefied children. We even get into the issue of race; what does it mean to raise a POC or a boy of color?

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#28 Regrets

Listen to episode 28 here. Regrets. Had a few? Then again too few to mention? As life progresses and the pandemic continues, it’s easy to start looking backward when forward seems uncertain, daunting even. What can we do in hindsight when we realize, “dammit, I shoulda, woulda, coulda done that differently!” Is there a way

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#27 Pandemic workaholic

Listen to episode 27 here. It’s been a while my friends-I’m so sorry for my absence! But the title of the episode will maybe tell you why. After all, this pandemic allows us 3 activities: buy food, have sex (lucky you) and work-like a maniac. After almost 1,5 years of this shit, I suddenly realized

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#25 The break-up part 2

Listen to episode 25 here. In this part we dive deeper into the emotional fallout of separating from a spouse or partner and navigating conflicting, confusing and utterly devastating emotions when things fall apart. This episode also concludes season 1 of Bitch, Breathe! and we’re going to take a break before launching the second season.

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#23 The break-up part 1

Listen to episode 23 here. We’ve all been there. Maybe we’re there right this moment. Everything hurts, we don’t see a way forward-logistically or emotionally-and nothing makes sense anymore. This was supposed to be forever, so why are we suddenly here? Whose life is this because it certainly doesn’t resemble mine. Who is this person

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