Yogi and Voice Artist? Absolutely! Turns out, all the breathing techniques I’ve learned through yoga, have made me a better voice artist. And, as a voice over artist, I recognize where in the body, voices can get trapped, where the breathing might need more volume, how to ground the voice, and that’s where yoga comes to the rescue! Making your voice heard, getting it to sound just the way the project requires, takes similar skills to those required of a yoga teacher: I have to listen first, talk second. When I do, I develop an ear for the “mood” in the project, the energy in the yoga studio, the clients, the students. Most of all, however, I have to listen to my own voice (and body!) to figure out what comes next. But enough about the philosophy, here are the hard facts:

Listen here.

Voice: US American and Atlantic accent
Voice age: 20-35 but I also am the voice in several children’s cartoons.
Native language: bilingual English and German
Voice quality: light, gentle, warm, youthful, soft

Experience: TV commercials, movie trailers, guided meditations, numerous TV series for children as well as dubbing for international productions

References Commercial: Schwarzkopf, Wella, Ikea, ekn, zalando, Samsung, Seat, Mercedes, BMW, Scholl, Amope, Vodafone, asos, Runter vom Gas, Coca-Cola, mezzo mix, Sony, review, fragrances by Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Cristina Aguilera, etc.

References Dubbing: Der Medicus, Lillifee, Mia and Me, Beyond Remedy, The Tooth Fairies, various video games.

For bookings, please contact me: voice(at)ricardiabramley.de