Voice Samples

Voice Samples of Ricardia – Native Speaker English and German

I’ve been a voice artist for almost 20 years. My experience as a native speaker ranges from games to tutorials, commercials, documentaries and movie dubbing in both English and German.

As a native speaker in English and German, I grew up 100% bilingual in both. My accent is neither Texas nor Buckingham Palace and instead something known in the voice and dubbing business as “mid-atlantic” in English. For German I was taught the standard “high-German” accent.

There really are no limits to how you can employ voice and tonality. You can use tutorials to explain a more complex product, tell an intriguing documentary story very intimately, or host an engaging interview on a podcast.

If we work together, I will conceptualize, write and host the project for you, so you only need one person for a gig that normally requires several more resources.
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