#27 Pandemic workaholic

Listen to episode 27 here. It’s been a while my friends-I’m so sorry for my absence! But the title of the episode will maybe tell you why. After all, this pandemic allows us 3 activities: buy food, have sex (lucky you) and work-like a maniac. After almost 1,5 years of this shit, I suddenly realized I had completey stuck my head in the sand and had started to work longer and longer hours all these months. More deadlines, more performance pressure,”at least this part of life is under my control!”, I thought. But what if work isn’t actually working for you? What if it has become your number 1 escape plan? Ok, number 2 if we count Netflix. In this episode we talk about how working during the pandemic is making us speed up so much we lose sight of what does work, and here’s a hint: it ain’t your job. Welcome back, bitches.

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