#1 How to cope with Anxiety
  • #1 How to cope with Anxiety

    #1 How to cope with Anxiety

    Oct 11, 2020 • 26:40

    Listen to Podcast here! Bitch, Breathe! is for all of us who need a space to breathe and vent and transform, to learn tools for living a life that is spiritual but real, to become more of who you are without the spiritual bypassing and sugar-coating, to actually love what…

  • #2 Little Girls with Daddy Issues

    #2 Little Girls with Daddy Issues

    Oct 20, 2020 • 18:25

    Listen to Episode 2 here In episode 2 of Bitch, Breathe! we explore what we can do when we’re constantly repeating unwanted dating patterns because somewhere in our childhood, dad was not around, not emotionally available or simply just not ideal daddy material. How do we still find a good…

  • #3 Moms and Daughters

    #3 Moms and Daughters

    Oct 27, 2020 • 21:54

    Listen to episode 3 of Bitch, Breathe! here. In this episode we get up close and personal to mom. Why does she always do that? Why do we always feel like we can never live up to her expectations? Why do we still try, even as adults? The mother-daughter relationship…

  • #4 The Age Issue

    #4 The Age Issue

    Nov 3, 2020 • 36:55

    Listen to episode 4 here. In this episode we’ll tackle all the issues around aging and growing old(er). What are some of the ways we can take care and value ourselves at a time when we no longer have immediate youth on our side and our lives may not necessarily…

  • #5 All the Single Ladies

    #5 All the Single Ladies

    Nov 23, 2020 • 26:15

    Listen to Episode 6 here. Single and not loving it. That was me. I have been single for parts of each decade of my life but somehow, in my forties, I couldn’t stand it and, even weirder to me, I was super-surprised to find myself here. I mean, how did…

  • #6 The Age Issue Part II

    #6 The Age Issue Part II

    Nov 23, 2020 • 22:30

    Listen to Episode 5 here. As promised here comes part II of the double episode on aging and age. Daunting, as it might seem, here’s where we delve into the whole idea of actually BEING old and what we can do not just to prepare for this time but to…

  • #9 PMS

    #9 PMS

    Dec 16, 2020 • 24:13

    Sad? Stark raving mad? Mystical? Cuddly? PMS. This time of the month has me (and not just me unfortunately) seriously questioning my sanity on some days, on others it has me kneeling before the power that is truly, uncompromisingly, fiercely female only. How I found ways to deal with this…

  • #10 Winter Solstice Special

    #10 Winter Solstice Special

    Dec 23, 2020 • 21:21

    Winter solstice! One of my favorite times of the year because it means the days are getting longer again and the light is returning and even though our calendars are telling us winter is coming, don’t fret-so is the light! In this episode I wanted to look at just that:…

  • #13New Year, Old Me

    #13New Year, Old Me

    Jan 13, 2021 • 16:54

    Listen to episode 10 of Bitch, Breathe! here. I don’t know about you but I’m not big on New Year or New Year’s resolutions. For all I know, here comes another day in the calendar and all the sentimentality and liquor in the world ain’t gonna change me all that…

  • #11 Spiritual Sexism

    #11 Spiritual Sexism

    Jan 5, 2021 • 30:37

    Listen to episode 12 here. Happy new year everyone! We’re getting right to it in this episode where we ask some tough questions about gender,language and spirituality. Is sitting still really the right meditation instruction for all humans (what if I need to dance!)? Let’s say you’re a mom/caregiver, working…

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