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English and German Writer’s Portfolio Ricardia Bramley

My writing began with small blog articles for yoga platforms and magazines. As digital writing, SEO and online marketing have become the essential form of marketing products and services, I have focused on these media for the last 4 years.

My clients include SLEEK Magazine, Top Magazine, Ladenzeile, Rezolve, Podiom Health, GAIA.com, doyou.com, Deutsches Yoga Forum, BILD, Besser Leben, Yogaeasy.de and many others.

In 2023 I published my first book THE BREAKUP CALL. It was the culmination of many episodes of my podcast, Bitch, breathe! and personal experience. In a humorous and helpful way the book talks about how to manage breakups both emotinally and logistically. You can order it below.

(kindle and paperback)

SLEEK Magazine (Print)

Bund Deutscher Yogalehrenden

Besser Leben Magazine

Top Magazine

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