#29 Raising a boy part 1

Listen to episode 29 here. “He’s so cute and smart and handsome, he made varsity, he has so many friends, he is going places, I just know it!” I have yet to meet a mom who isn’t convinced the sun shines out of her boy’s, um, face. And yes, raising a boy (I don’t have girls, so no idea) is such a delight. But what if we recognize, these aren’t just OUR boys, these are society’s men one day, leaders, fathers, soldiers, friends. Would we still do everything the same way or would we take a closer look at where, maybe, we’re letting them get away with stuff they shouldn’t, or that there sisters maybe don’t? And where, on the other hand, are we not taking care of them in the same emphatic way we would girls perhaps? Join me for this first of two episodes and lemme know what you think (about your boys)!

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