Pandemic Magic

Listen to episode 15 here. If you were expecting a how-to guide for the pandemic, sorry. You want to lose weight, read more, learn a language – by all means, knock yourself out. Personally, I’m a little tired of all the obsessive optimization, transformation, something-ation stuff out there. I’m also really fed up with “hopping on zoom calls”, like these are some fun carussel rides (though repetitive they are) everyone can enjoy. What we’ll talk about in this episode of Bitch, Breathe!, is however, all the magical and subtle ways, in which we as a species have changed. And it ain’t all bad. In fact, you might find, it’s almost otherworldly, it’s definitely crazy and alltogether magical-promise!

The Marriage Myth II

Listen to episode 14 here. When a marriage ends, its ending or the anticipation of the same is usually accompanied by a whole variety of anxieties, beliefs and assumptions that may keep us stuck in a marriage whose expiration date already came and went. I’d love to hear what your thoughts on this chapter of a relationship are! Join our facebook group Bitch, Breathe! or write to me at and thank you for listening!

New Year, Old Me

Listen to episode 10 of Bitch, Breathe! here.

I don’t know about you but I’m not big on New Year or New Year’s resolutions. For all I know, here comes another day in the calendar and all the sentimentality and liquor in the world ain’t gonna change me all that much by tomorrow, though I often wished it had! That said, I wanted to share with you some of the ways I enjoy this time of year and how, hopefully, no matter what kind of havoc this phenominally weird and slightly intimidating year has wreaked on our lives, how little energy we may feel we have left, maybe we can still be proud of what we’ve accomplished and find ways to embrace the New. And, extra special: a new (German) podcast recommendation for the German-speaking lovers among you: Intensiv Gewollt.

The Marriage Myth Part I

Listen to episode 13 here. In this 13th episode of Bitch, Breathe! we unearth some of the oldest misunderstandings and mandates around marriage. Why they don’t serve us, what makes them unrealistic and why I wish I had known this sooner! Whether you are young or old, male/female/non-binary identified, never been married, or in the thick of it, you’ve been married several times or marriage isn’t even your thing, this episode is for you! If you’d like to join us in the facebook group, hop on over to Thanks for listening!

Spiritual Sexism

Listen to episode 12 here. Happy new year everyone! We’re getting right to it in this episode where we ask some tough questions about gender,language and spirituality. Is sitting still really the right meditation instruction for all humans (what if I need to dance!)? Let’s say you’re a mom/caregiver, working two jobs, and/or volunteering, you shoulder the brunt of the family care and your meditation instructor just invited you to “share” more, to improve your spiritual work, and be more compassionate with your fellow human beings? Sure, dude, first thing tomorrow! How can we find greater representation in spiritual traditions that clearly focus on male spirituality and self-improvement (almost all of them!) without throwing the spirituality out with the holy water? Let’s find out! Also, we now have a facebook group people! Join us for lively discussion and exchange here:

Winter Solstice Special

Winter solstice! One of my favorite times of the year because it means the days are getting longer again and the light is returning and even though our calendars are telling us winter is coming, don’t fret-so is the light! In this episode I wanted to look at just that: The dark side inside us. What if all these toxic people around us are a reflection of where we are in our own personal growth? Scary, right? It’s ok, we’ve all been there and even Darth Vader is capable of loving his son – so dark does not always equal dark and bad. Ever. Looking forward to hearing from you and happy winter solstice everyone! Listen to episode 10 here.


Sad? Stark raving mad? Mystical? Cuddly? PMS. This time of the month has me (and not just me unfortunately) seriously questioning my sanity on some days, on others it has me kneeling before the power that is truly, uncompromisingly, fiercely female only. How I found ways to deal with this often unwanted, unwelcome and uncanny season without any problems? I didn’t, sorry. But I was and am determined not to suffer for 1 week every single month and that made me dig deep into my soul and come up with a toolset to not just get this thing over with but to unleash its full creative and manifestational power. Listen to Episode 9 here.

The Happiness Imperative

Listen to Episode 8 here.

Ah, happiness! The single most sought-after life mission-probably the world over. Curated instagram performances, noteworthy facebook feeds, we’ve become so used to spinning our stories and lives in a positive way that some of us (me!) sometimes forget that we don’t have to be happy and live the most perfected version of ourselves 24/7! In psychology this phenomenon of not accepting negativity and instead spin-doctoring it into a positive narrative is referred to as “toxic positivity”. How can we make room for the not-so-perfect decision or action we took without feeling like we’ve somehow failed at life’s ultimate promise and goal. Here are some of the ways I’ve tried to combat the happiness mandate. How do you experience the happiness dictatorship, lemme know!

Female Aggression

Listen to Episode 7 here.

In this episode of Bitch, breathe! we get real about being really angry, or to put it in the immortal words of L’il Kim: “No more Mrs. nice Bitch.” What does female aggression look like? Do we need to control it (and, if yes, how?). If I am a spiritual person, do I still get angry? Should women have different strategies than men? And lastly, what happens when women drive the conversation about what is considered appropriate anger and whose anger is this anyway? Can’t wait for your feedback!

The Age Issue Part II

Listen to Episode 5 here.

As promised here comes part II of the double episode on aging and age. Daunting, as it might seem, here’s where we delve into the whole idea of actually BEING old and what we can do not just to prepare for this time but to look at whatever fears we might have around our own mortality. This episode is less about dealing with the loss of loved ones, to be sure, and a lot more about getting real smart about getting real old. The author I mention is Elisabeth K├╝bler Ross. Find her books here! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it for you.