#82 Dating After Narcissism

Dating can be full of positive excitement and crippling anxiety. Daring to get back out there is one thing but knowing what to look out for is quite another. Your Bitch, breathe! BFF is here and together, we’ll explore some of the easy tools you can fall back on to make the dating game a …

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#80 How not to Suffer from Jealousy

Ugh, jealousy, those of us who know it, KNOW it deeply. There are many reasons for jealousy. Some of them are not even that bad because maybe you sense something’s up, or you’re getting over an affair your partner had. Perhaps you’re feeling jealous of the Ex-partner’s new flame. Whatever the situation, whatever form it …

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#76 The Truth about Self-Help

As a true believer in personal growth, a devout reader of the genre and as an author of a book about breakups, you’d think I’d shut up about how the self-help revolution is killing us! But some things just have to be said.And today we’re tidying up with some of the most detrimental “wisdoms” and …

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#74 Don’t Mess with these Women

Livia Boscardin is not just a doctor of sociology, she’s a Wendo trainer and a fierce feminist fighter for young girls and women. No idea what Wendo is? No problem. We’ll learn more about this 360 degree female empowerment technique in this episode. Small trigger warning, though, as Wendo is a discipline for negotiating -physically …

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#73 F*ck Living your Best Life

In this new episode of Bitch, breathe! we’re going to question the notion of living your best life ever? Do we really want what other people have or do we just want it because they do? Is being a digital nomad your dream career choice or do you just need to find better colleagues. Let’s …

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