#81 How to break up in the New Year

What, am I _trying _to break up your relationship? Of course not. In talking to people about breakups, I have, however, noticed that we often don’t leave, even when we know we should. Nothing is working, hasn’t for months or years. We tried to stay, then we tried to leave, but it’s too hard!

In this episode I share some tools that might guide you through this last mile, that is, if it is the last mile. I won’t be able to decide that for you, but if the decision to leave is already here, these steps might be useful in completing your New Year’s resolution to leave.

If you feel stuck and you know you’ve been here before, you want to leave but it’s not working, or you broke up and you’re not sure how to face the next stage alone, please get in touch with me on thebreakupcall.com or write to me ricardia at thebreakupcall.com, and together we can figure out how to make a step-by-step plan for you, so 2023 can be the best year you’ve ever had instead of a repetition of 2022 or longer.

ps: If you are going through a breakup, drop me a line and let’s see if there’s something I can do to help: ricardia@thebreakupcall.com, private fb group: bitch, breathe!

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