#80 How not to Suffer from Jealousy

Ugh, jealousy, those of us who know it, KNOW it deeply. There are many reasons for jealousy. Some of them are not even that bad because maybe you sense something’s up, or you’re getting over an affair your partner had. Perhaps you’re feeling jealous of the Ex-partner’s new flame.

Whatever the situation, whatever form it takes, jealousy can be a super-destructive force in our lives. Here are some of the insights people I work with and I myself have collected over the years. I hope it helps!

Sending love.

ps: If you are going through a breakup or you’re dealing with the kind of jealousy that comes up after you break up and your Ex has a new partner, drop me a line and let’s see if there’s something I can do to help: ricardia at thebreakupcall.com, private fb group: bitch, breathe!

Sending love.

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