#46 Should I stay or should I go?

Listen to episode 46 here. Knowing the right timing is almost as important as knowing the answer itself when it comes to the fork in the road of a relationship. In this episode we ask a lot of questions and discover some possible key indicators as to whether or not our romantic relationship has run its course or if it’s time to start with a different mindset on love. Find out more about what’s happening with the Bitch, breathe! Club!

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#45 Find your passion, lose your way

Listen to episode 45 here. This brand new episode of bitch breathe questions the whole idea of having just one passion, one over-arching purpose and to pursue those is the sure-fire path to career contentment. Maybe the devil, however, is in the detour? Find out more about what’s happening with the Bitch, breathe! Club!

The two books I mention are:

So good they can’t ignore you by Cal Newport

and Steven Kotler’s The Art of Impossible

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#44 The evil stepmom

Listen to episode 44 here. If you’re a step parent, you know how exhausting and near to impossible it is to find a balance between your own sanity and the welfare of the step family as a whole. I failed miserably, so I am hoping you will benefit from my learnings! In this episode of Bitch, breathe! we’ll look at some of the major mistakes we make as step parents and how to navigate the treacherous waters of step parenthood and patchwork families while building lasting and meaningful relationships.

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#43 Single not sorry

Listen to episode 43 here. When I was single I got really tired of friends and strangers alike giving me that, “Oh no, what happened?” look. Why was I to be pitied? I hadn’t gotten sick, I hadn’t lost my job, I had merely left my old relationship for a new one: me.

With so many millions of people opting to go it alone, it’s time we reinvented our views of what single looks like through various ages. It ain’t the 1950s anymore. Let’s act like it and build communities with social ties that can easily prove stronger than monogamous and/or long-term relationships.

The book I mention is by Olivia Laing and it’s called “The Lonely City.

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#42 The selfless mom

Listen to episode 42 here. “She is so selfless! She gave up everything for her children. She’s a saint, the way she holds that family together!” Thank you for respecting womens’ work for once but enough with all the self-sacrifice hype! By complimenting mothers on their selfless bahavior, we’re essentially perpetuating the religious ideal of the sacrificial mother Mary and at the same time supporting patriarchal ideas of motherhood, all at the cost of foregoing our own dreams. Join me for this all-new episode of Bitch, breathe! and let me know what you think!

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#41 Stay with the discomfort

Listen to episode 41 here. Let’s face it, who ISN’T uncomfortable right about now? Ok maybe some select billionaires around the world but those aside, life is rather weird and comfort not easy to find. And here I am suggesting you not only be ok with that but embrace it? Um, yes, but what if I told you it is totally worth it and that getting uncomfortable collectively and individually is the way forward and a possible path to a more satisfying life ultimately? Sound like a tall order? I don’t think so! Join me for an all-new episode of Bitch, breathe! Staying withe the discomfort.

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#40 The pandemic blues

Listen to episode 40 here. How are you waking up these mornings? Do you feel energized and joyful or does it sometimes feel like Groundhog Day and you’re even kind of moody or bluesy? For me it’s often the latter. I just don’t seem to be able to wake up and feel like “Yeah, sun is shining, this will be a great day!” Insteady ist’s more like, somebody bring me my coffee (nobody does) and do not talk to me for at least two hours or so. For the sake of myself and more importantly the people who surround me I’ve had to come up with some strategies to snap out of my blues and in the process I stumbled across some pretty effective ideas to do that. I hope you join me for this all-new episode of Bitch, breathe!

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#39 Just say no

Listen to episode 39 here. As women or just adults even, we have been taught to say yes a lot. It looks more optimistic, cooperative and makes everyone’s life a little easier. For a moment anyway. These days we’re being told to draw boundaries and say no. Sounds simple enough but what actually happens when we say no? What are the immediate and longterm effects and benefits? What is the difference between a yes consciousness and a no consciousness and how can we begin to draw boundaries even with those closest to us and live an authentic life going forward. Find out in this all new episode of Bitch, Breathe! the podcast.

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#38 Don’t have kids

Listen to episode 38 here. Am I serious? Do I have children? Yes and yes, but as you may have guessed, I’m not throwing out the baby with the bath water. What I will be doing, in this new episode of Bitch, breathe! is wondering out loud how we can be connected to our communities without completely giving up our own goals and dreams. What (or who) are some of the distractions we voluntarily let reign our lives and energy and how do we extract ourselves when we need to, in order to take care of our loved ones AND ourselves? This episode of Bitch, breathe! isn’t about being selfish. It’s also not a women-victimhood narrative. It’s about how to make the occasional tough choice to feed our souls.

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#37 The Magic of failure

Listen to episode 37 here. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard the phrase that every crisis contains an opportunity for growth and all the jazz. So why is it, that we are so obviously and painfully avoiding failure every chance we get? Because it’s painful and often connected to shame and let’s not forget how awkward if others know about it when there are witnesses! That said, what if failure were magic? What if it had the kind of transformative powers you might need years of meditation to accomplish, that is, if you manage to do that in this life at all? In this all-new episode of Bitch, breathe! we’re going to reveal what failure DOESN’T mean and how we can unlock its true potential (as well as ours).

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