#34 The Summer Solstice special

Listen to episode 34 here. Summer, the summer solstice, mid-summer is finally here and with temperatures rising like crazy, it’s in full force on this side of the earth (northern hemisphere). Here are some ways we can celebrate but also take stock of the year thus far. What still needs to be done in 2021 and what do we do when maybe not all our freedoms have returned and certainly not for all of us on the planet? But the summer season is just begging us to celebrate what and who we love and to put ourselves out there in a massive way, especially if we are in places where the pandemic doesn’t have as tight a grip on us as before. To put it the way only Busta Rhymes can: “Light your ass on Fire”! Wishing us all an abundant, inspiring and healing summer season!

© Ricardia Bramley | Bitch, breathe!