#55 What the Pandemic leaves behind

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BIG NEWS: You’ve probably noticed the new logo! Yes, Bitch, breathe! is now Me & my Gals. After 52 episodes of Bitch, breathe! I was getting a little lonely out here, so I have asked some of my favorit Gals to join me on the show! They and other great women will be gathering to talk about all the topics you’ve come to love on the podcast.

Depending on where we are, the pandemic seems to be having some universal but a whole lotta varying effects on people. Today I once again talk to my Swedish friends Sofia and Carina Reshmi and, as it turns out, their experience didn’t feel at all like those I know from my neck of the woods in Berlin, Germany.

Tune in for this all-new episode of Bitch, breathe! and find out more.

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