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Welcome to my world of voice and yoga work! I've been a voice artist for almost 15 years and a yoga teacher almost 5 years. Zip over to listen to some of my voice samples or find out more about my teaching style in the video to your left!

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Yoga classes with Ricardia

I’m a certified 500h (BDY) Hatha Yoga teacher recognized by German health care providers as well as a certified Yin Yoga instructor. Why do I teach yoga for men, aka YUNGsYOGA©? Read more about it on my blog. These days, I exclusively teach private classes and retreats.

Here’s how to find me:


Kabbalah and Yoga Classes

These classes take place at the Kabbalah Centre Berlin. Please check for current schedule. Hauptstr. 27, Aufgang E, 3. Stock 10827 Berlin

Corporate & Private Classes and Retreats

Please contact me at

ricardia(@)ricardiabramley.de to schedule private classes, find my retreats or set up a regular yoga class at your company (these "Präventionskurse" are paid for by German national healthcare providers)