#56 Menopause@Work

Listen to episode 56 here. It is said there are a whopping 750 symptoms of menopause. 750 ways to feel weird, embarassed, excluded at work. What can we do when we or women we know are at work and going through even just a few of the menopause symptoms? Today Ricardia, Carina and Sofia address some of the issues that might come up and how we can help each other through it.

#55 What the Pandemic leaves behind

Listen to episode 55 here.

BIG NEWS: You’ve probably noticed the new logo! Yes, Bitch, breathe! is now Me & my Gals. After 52 episodes of Bitch, breathe! I was getting a little lonely out here, so I have asked some of my favorit Gals to join me on the show! They and other great women will be gathering to talk about all the topics you’ve come to love on the podcast.

Depending on where we are, the pandemic seems to be having some universal but a whole lotta varying effects on people. Today I once again talk to my Swedish friends Sofia and Carina Reshmi and, as it turns out, their experience didn’t feel at all like those I know from my neck of the woods in Berlin, Germany.

Tune in for this all-new episode of Bitch, breathe! and find out more.

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#54 Soulmates

Listen to episode 54 here. For today’s episode of Bitch, breathe!, back by popular demand, my two guests and wise women Racoon & Friends CEO Carina Reshmi and Founder/Creative Director of R&F Sofia Reshmi.

Together we talked about the whole concept of soulmates and quickly realized, we had some very different and strong! opinions on it.

Tune in for a whole new episode and let us know your own soulmate stories at:

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#53 Pause for Menopause

Listen to episode 53 here. Some of us feel “nothing”, others feel it all and many of us don’t know wtf this is all about: menopause. We, yes WE are so excited about this episode of Bitch, breathe! because Ricardia is joined by some of her favorite wise women – Sofia and Carina – in a 3-way interview to talk about the trials and triumphs of this phase pretty much every woman or female-identified person passes through at some point in their lives. Enjoy! If you’d like to support the podcast and my book The Breakup Call, feel free to hop on over to Gumroad

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#52 Trying to be brave

Listen to episode 52 here. In a time when courage seems to be in many leaders’ mouths and rarely in their hearts, it’s up to us to decide what a brave action or life can look like.
In this all-new episode of Bitch, breathe! we try to find ways to show up for ourselves, even when showing up alone is already an act of bravery.

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#51 (Replay) The Breakup Part 1

Listen to episode 51 here. REPLAY episode! We’ve all been there. Maybe we’re there right this moment. Everything hurts, we don’t see a way forward and nothing makes sense anymore. This was supposed to be forever, so why are we suddenly here? Whose life is this because it certainly doesn’t resemble mine. Who is this person and who am I without them? What is it that I need to do right now? This is part 1 of a double episode on break-ups. I truly hope it can serve in some way, wherever in the process you might be at this time. We will get through this, even if it doesn’t look like it at the moment. From my heart to yours.

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#50 Anniversary edition! The magic and misconceptions of Self-love

Listen to episode 50 here. Self-love talk is everywhere. Everyone’s so down with the concept that everyone else is totally failing life for not achieving it. Losers. For this anniversary edition of Bitch, breathe! we’re figuring out what self-love is and isn’t, how to distinguish it from selfishness, and most importantly, how to get us some.

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The book I mention in this episode is by Mel Robbins: The High Five Habit

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#49 Fear and Anxiety

Listen to episode 49 here. With the one-year anniversary of Bitch,breathe! coming up, we ar returning in part to the subject of my very first episode of Bitch, breathe!: anxiety. In this episode I explain my A.T.T.A.C.K method for working through anxiety and panic attacks. I also share some more tools to change how we think about anxiety and how society deals with mental health issues in general.

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#48 Envy

Listen to episode 48 here. Envy! We all have it but nobody wants to talk about it. What are some of the great aspects of this particular shame-loaded emotion and where is it helpful to tame the beast? Find out in an all-new episode of Bitch, breathe!
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#47 Narcissists at work

Listen to episode 47 here. If – as yet inexperienced – you’ve seen a narcissist at work, you might not necessarily realize who is in front of you. You could actually feel kind of confused and confounded at first. Then it dawns on you: the rules of engagement keep changing-and not to your advantage. This species can be quite the challenge when you’re trying to perform or just hold onto your job, so here are some ways I tried and the one thing I recommend one definitely do as soon as possible, almost regardless of the consequences.Find out more about what’s happening with the Bitch, breathe! Club!

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