Yin Yoga

In 2018 I also became a certified Yin Yoga teacher and though I have taught yoga for a number of years, practiced it even more, Yin Yoga was yet another eye opener for me. Yin is considered the more passive, relaxed energy, whereas Yang is viewed as its opposite, active and energized. This may already give you an indication of what Yin Yoga is all about. Exactly: slowing everything down to the point of literally standing still. In Yin yoga we have only very few poses with slightly different names, even if they resemble the more active or “Yang Yoga” poses if you will.

Yin Yoga requires almost no muscular strength. In fact, activating on a muscular level is precisely what you won’t be doing. The work is in releasing the hell out of every pose. I mean it, you’re literally releasing the hell that is back pain, blockages, ideas you’ve held for way to long. Poses are held anywhere from 3 to 5 or even more minutes and the challenge is less one of strength but of, and here it comes: patience, stillness, self-love, more patience and trust. Trust because you have to trust that the practice will do its thing without your willing it so. Patience because, you can get quite bored hanging out there, or frustrated because you want things to be different, more stimulating and self-love because, well, that’s always a good idea when it comes to yoga (and life, no?). I do hope you join me for one of these classes. I promise you won’t regret it!