#26 What if women were the problem?

Listen to episode 26 here. Madeleine Albright once famously said: “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” This is about 15 years ago. Burning bras in the seventies? Around 50 years ago..and still we haven’t been able to speak as one collective voice, one body politic. We still haven’t learned how to stand up for and with each other and to be generous enough to let strong women unfold their full potential without feeling it somehow lessens our light or our right to be all that we can be as well. In this episode of Bitch, breathe! we look at how this happened, why it’s still difficult and what we can do to help each other elevate, rest easy at night, knowing that we are more powerful and fierce than we know.Together.

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#25 The break-up part 2

Listen to episode 25 here. In this part we dive deeper into the emotional fallout of separating from a spouse or partner and navigating conflicting, confusing and utterly devastating emotions when things fall apart. This episode also concludes season 1 of Bitch, Breathe! and we’re going to take a break before launching the second season. Looking forward to talking again soon. Until then, thank you for listening and stay well dear friends.

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#24 The Spring Equinox special

Listen to episode 24 here. Finally, she’s here! Even this %&$# pandemic can’t stop spring from returning to the Northern Hemisphere. I’m so excited to pack up all those big winter coats as temperatures rise and we get to be outside more without freezing our buns off. It’s also a time to tease out our inner spiritual and business witches and look at some of the goals and rituals around this time of the year and how we can put those into full-on spring action. Though many of us have not returned to anything that resembles “life before”, what are some of the ways, we can rebirth or resurrect what wants to come forward now? I’ve got an idea…! Happy for you to join!

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#23 The break-up part 1

Listen to episode 23 here. We’ve all been there. Maybe we’re there right this moment. Everything hurts, we don’t see a way forward-logistically or emotionally-and nothing makes sense anymore. This was supposed to be forever, so why are we suddenly here? Whose life is this because it certainly doesn’t resemble mine. Who is this person and who am I without them? What is it that I need to do right now? This is part 1 of a double episode on break-ups. I truly hope it can serve in some way, wherever in the process you might be at this time. We will get through this, even if it doesn’t look like it at the moment. From my heart to yours.

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#22 Get rich or die spiritual

Listen to episode 22 here. Yup, we’re talking money, moolah, dough, people! Can you be a spiritually alive person and still make solid good money? Is that really “allowed”? We’re going to take a good, honest look at some of the unquestioned theories around money and being a good person and maybe we can discover some new alternatives to the ole` either rich or morally upright citizen scenario. Looking forward to sharing this with you.

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#21 Women’s day special: what women want

Listen to episode 20 here. This isn’t what it looks like. In today’s special episode we’re not goingt to vent as much as we’re going to look at some of the ways, in which we ourselves have contributed and continue to contribute to the world that is patrlinear and sexist. Is this still a battle cry against patriarchy tho? Absolutely. Enjoy all you beautiful, proud and superhuman women out there! Happy women’s day!

#20 Keeping an emotional distance

Listen to episode 19 here. Pandemic getting to you? You alternatively want to punch people but also hug them and cry a little. You’re battle ready and battle worn all at the same time? Whatever the emotions are, this episode has got your back. We’re going to explore some new ways of maintaining an emotional distance to our emotions-yes you read that right! Let’s figure out how to manoever our way out of this hostage situation that is our current mood while still keeping it real and fighting the battle when we hear that battle cry. Looking forward to your thoughts on this one!

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#19 Mom Guilt

Listen to episode 19 here. This one’s for all you moms (and dads?) out there, who are trying to hold it all together, even as partners, politics and a pandemic are making us double down on our workload and demanding of us to perform the ultimate impossibility: to be the perfect woman, partner, mom, employee or employer. Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and tell the world to kiss your a.. for the next 20 minutes or so!

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#18 How to Leave a Narcissistic Relationship

Listen to episode 18 here. This is the second part of the Bitch, Breathe! double Episode on narcissism. In this one, we get seriuos about why it is so difficult to leave a person we’re still so caught up with and how we can tackle the sheer impossibe seeming task of untangling ourselves from the web that was our lives for quite some time even. What is it that we need to expect when leaving this person? How can we handle the inevitable conflicts that arise and that will very likely leave us feeling drained, invalidated, maybe even defeated. You may know this already but if not: Defeated your are not my friends! Take couraage and stay tuned for some hopefully helpful thoughts (and actions!)! I’m so glad, you’re here.

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#17 Narcissists Welcome!

Listen to episode 17 here. Narcissists! They’re everywhere these days! In this episode we’re going to hone in on this little concept and take a humorous look at both the perceptions we have and why it isn’t just “them”, and what to maybe look out for when it comes to dating. This one was way too much fun to record, so I hope you have just as much fun listening. And for the love of Narcissists, please hit me up with any comments or anecdotes you have around the subject. Who knows, there might be a second episode in it for us!

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