“First and foremost: I’m a stiff Yogini and..I’m not a doctor.”

Being a yoga teacher

You tell people you’re a yoga teacher and they usually have one of two reactions. Reaction 1: “Oh no.., you must be super bendy! I can’t even reach my toes. Ugh.” Reaction 2: “Wow, really? I have this pain in my low back (half-undresses to show me exactly where in the low back). I’ve seen a lot of doctors and physiotherapists but it just won’t go away. Do you know what it is?” Um..I wish..but no..

Truth? I can’t reach my toes either…

…not before my first coffee and morning practice. My hamstrings think it’s their sole job to ignore their job, which is to lengthen. And though I would love to be able to do an ad-hoc diagnosis of your back pain, I’m not qualified!

But here´s what I can do

Share my yoga with you! I’ve been practicing yoga on and off since the 1990s, I seriously committed to a regular practice in 2010. Eight years and counting! At the time I was still an actor and a voice artist. Though I still loved working as a voice artist, I was falling out of love with acting. That’s why, in 2012, I decided Yoga is here to stay and I just have to get better at taking care of myself. So, I quit acting, went and got certified by the German Yoga Alliance (BDY) as well as by the board of national healthcare providers, which means, I teach preventative classes as defined by German law and your health insurance will probably pick up the bill!

I love teaching in different kinds of environments but I especially like teaching where yoga is a new tool and maybe unfamiliar, as is the case i.e. for many corporate environments and organizations. Yoga truly is for everybody and I believe there is a practice for every body too. That is one of the many reasons why I specialized in teaching yoga for men. Guys need yoga just as much as the next gal. Actually, men invented yoga! Teaching men has been rewarding for me personally but most of all, it’s just really really fun. Regardless of whether I teach men or women, for me, teaching is a privilege and I’d love to share what I’ve learned so far with you!